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If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

Working with modules in NodeJs

So far, we have seen that Node provides us with some Global modules and some Pseudo Global modules, and we can use modules written by others by installing packages from npm store.
What this means is we can utilise module system in three ways:
1. Use Global Modules in our Project…

Script Processor Mode and REPL mode in Node.Js

As can be seen from the above image, we can execute a script using the script processor mode of Node.Js. We need to be in the directory where our script is present. Then executing the command node <script-name> will run our script and we will see the output in the…

Now that we have succesfully installed node on our system. We can check which version got installed by running the command node - - version.
With node, npm (node package manager) automatically got installed for us.
NPM is like a store where you can shop for open source libraries written by…

What is Node.Js?

It’s a runtime Environment for Javascript which lets you run Javascript code outside the browser environment.
But, when we already have options like, django, rails etc, why do we need NodeJs?

Let’s find out why…

Why Node.Js?

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Superfast and highly scalable
  3. Less code, Javascript everywhere (A frontend JavaScript…

The famous management guru Peter Drucker gave a simple definition of what exactly a Business means. He said : “Business is Serving your Customers, profitably!”.
Businesses are all about “Customers”. So, every business out there is getting success by either providing a solution to some already existing problem or by…

If you have decided to use WSL in Windows for your development work, you will most probably face one common dilemma. Should you save your project files in Windows file system which is NTFS or should you use the ext file-system of Linux? The answer is short and interesting. 😛

Spaceship theme on Hyper.js on Windows using Ohmyzsh!

Do you like the comfort of Windows, but also want to use a cool Linux terminal 💻 ? In this article, we will explore the steps to configure Hyper.js to use Ohmyzsh! with Spaceship theme using wsl on Windows. 😉

The popularity of Linux among developers, and the fact, that…

Getting started

Before moving further, we need to have Linux OS installed on our machine.
If you are a windows user, you can either make your system dual-boot to Linux or use WSL to get a taste of Linux or use a live USB stick.

Another option for Windows user is to…

In these four parts i will try to cover all the essentials of UNIX, that a beginner needs to know.

Part 1: Demystifying Unix & Linux
Part 2: Linux OS Basics
Part 3: Basic Linux Commands
Part 4: Shell Scripting in Linux

Unix vs Linux : What the hell is this POSIX?

time-travel with git

What is Git ? ⚡️

It is a free and open source distributed version control system. Git is known for its speed, simple design and support for non-linear development. Keep reading to fall in love with this amazing tool .

The story behind Git’s creation is quite interesting and inspiring. Have you ever heard about…

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